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4 Wheel Drive Club, Inc.






Sec. 1:             This organization shall be named Carolina Trail Blazers 4-Wheel Drive Club,                    Incorporated.




          Sec. 1:             The object of the Carolina Trail Blazers 4-Wheel Drive Club is to unite

                                    adventure - loving people who share the common interest of  four

                                    wheel driving to the fullest extent.


            Sec. 2:             The Carolina Trail Blazers are dedicated, on a volunteer basis, to assisting

                                    their communities as a non-profit group in time of disaster or emergencies.


ARTICLE III - Membership


Sec. 1:             Eligibility: Membership shall be limited to those owning a four wheel drive vehicle, and being 18 years of age or older.


Sec. 2:             Duties of members: It shall be the duty of each member to abide by all the laws, rules,regulations, and the by-laws of the Carolina Trail Blazers 4-Wheel Drive Club.  Each member shall participate, co-operate, and support the Club to the best of his ability.


Sec. 3:             Conduct of members: At any organized gathering of the Carolina Trail Blazers, all members and visitors present should conduct themselves in such a manner so as not to be detrimental to the health and safety of all individuals present nor place in jeopardy any personal or real property.


            Sec. 4:             Any member who upon oral or written complaint is deemed detrimental

                                    to the Carolina Trail Blazers by the Executive Board may be removed or

                                    suspended from the membership by a 2/3 vote of the membership present.



ARTICLE IV - Dues and Finances


Sec. 1:             Dues and fees: Dues and fees shall be determined annually by the Executive Board. Dues shall apply to the member, his or her spouse, and their dependent children. The Executive Board shall meet at least sixty (60) days prior to the annual meeting for the purpose of


reviewing the current fiscal records, to determine the financial requirements for the new fiscal year, and to make a recommendation for the amount of the dues and fees for the new fiscal year. New members shall pay an initiation fee and the annual dues for the current fiscal year or its remainder upon acceptance of the application. In the event a member fails to pay dues in the time allotted per Article IV Sections 2 and 4, reinstatement of membership will require payment of the initiation fee in addition to the annual dues or its remainder.


            Sec. 2:             Fiscal Year: The fiscal year shall extend from January 1 through December 31.


Sec. 3:             Collection of dues, fees and monies: The treasurer shall be responsible for the collection                        of all dues, fees and monies for the Carolina Trail Blazers.


Sec. 4:             Dues in arrears: Members thirty (30) days in arrears in the payment of dues will be removed  from the membership of the Carolina Trail Blazers.  Reinstatement of inactive members may be made by application to the Executive Board.


Sec. 5:             Expenditures and commitments: Expenditures and commitments shall not exceed the amount of cash on hand. Any outstanding dues, fees, monies or other negotiable consideration shall not be included as cash or valuable consideration on hand.


ARTICLE V - Officers and their Duties


          Sec. 1:             The officers of the organization shall be:

                                                            A.        Commander

                                                            B.        Deputy Commander

                                                            C.        Secretary

                                                            D.        Treasurer

                                                            E.         Directors


            Sec. 2:             Commander: The Commander shall preside over all meetings and serve as chairman of

the  Executive Board.  He shall act as ex-officio member of all committees. When deemed necessary, the Commander may call special meetings of the Executive Board or a general meeting. The Commander may appoint all special committees when deemed necessary.  It shall be the duty of the Commander to see that these committees are filled, organized, and function, as evidenced by their reports to him. 


Sec. 3:             Deputy Commander: The Deputy Commander shall assume the Commander’s duties in the absence of the Commander.


Sec. 4:             Secretary: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to keep a true and accurate record of the Carolina Trail Blazers' membership and  correct minutes of all meetings, including the Executive Board.  A copy of the minutes of all meetings shall be given to the Commander.  The Secretary shall perform other duties as directed by the Commander.


Sec. 5:             Treasurer: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to have in custody all monies and properties of the Club, and to pay all expenditures of the Club when authorized to do so in accordance with the by-laws.  The Treasurer will give a financial report at each meeting, and will give a detailed written quarterly report to the Executive Board.  All checks drawn on the bank account of the Carolina Trail Blazers shall require only the signature of the Treasurer.

                                    Upon expiration of  his term, and before a newly elected Treasurer assumes

                                    the responsibilitese  of the office, a complete audit shall be made by the

                                    Executive  Board.  Upon completion of the audit, the Treasurer shall deliver

                                    to his successor,  all monies, documents, and properties of the Club.


Sec. 6:             Directors: The Directors shall be past officers of the Club and shall serve for a term of one fiscal year. It shall be the duty of the Directors to attend all meetings and to make available their knowledge and experience of the previous year to the officers and members. They may assume the responsibilities of any duty assigned to them by the Commander.


Sec. 7:             Executive Board: The Board shall be comprised of the Club officers and the Directors.  The Board shall govern and supervise all affairs of the Carolina Trail Blazers 4-Wheel Drive Club and will have final decision on all matters brought forward by the Committees with the respective committees’ recommendations in accordance with the by-laws.  A majority of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.


Sec. 8:             Terms of office: Officers shall serve for the term of one fiscal year. Except for the Directors, no officer may not succeed himself in the same office.


            Sec. 9:             Unexpired terms: In the event any officer is unable to complete his term of office, the

                                    Commander shall appoint a member to fill the unexpired term.


ARTICLE VI - Nomination and Election of Officers


          Sec. 1:             Any member in good standing in the Carolina Trail Blazers 4-Wheel Drive

                                    Club immediately prior to nomination will be eligible to hold office.


            Sec. 2:             Officers shall be elected in the following order:

                                                            A.        Commander

                                                            B.        Deputy Commander

                                                            C.        Secretary

                                                            D.         Treasurer

                                                            E.         Directors


            Sec. 3:             Election will be held in December with the officers taking office in January.


            Sec. 4:             Nominations may be closed by the chair after the third call for the office.


Sec. 5:             At least 60 days prior to the annual election, the Commander shall appoint a  nomination and election committee which shall nominate members for the officers and Director positions for the coming fiscal year to be presented at the November meeting.

                                    Nominations may be made from the floor in the November meeting. This committee

                                    will be responsible for conducting the elections.


            Sec. 6:             All officers and Directors shall be elected by a majority vote of those members present.

                                    Each paid membership will be allowed one vote.





ARTICLE VII - Committees


          Sec. 1:             Standing committees shall be:

                                                            A.        Trip Planning

                                                            B.        Entertainment and Refreshment

                                                            C.        Publicity and Public Relations


            Sec. 2:             Each of these committees shall elect from its membership a chairman

                                    and  a secretary.


Sec. 3:             Each of these committees shall meet at least as often as the general membership. These meetings may be for role call only and may be at the same or different times and places as the general membership meetings.


            Sec. 4:             Duties of the Committees:


                                    Trip Planning: This committee shall be responsible for and in charge of

                                    directing and guiding all outings and shall plan, scout and obtain all

                                    information, including necessary permission to trespass.


                                    Entertainment and Refreshment: This committee shall arrange for

                                    entertainment.  It shall purchase and oversee the serving of refreshments

                                    for all social activities of the Carolina Trail Blazers.


                                    Publicity and Public Relations: This committee shall prepare and edit

                                    notices on all news releases of the organization.  They shall promote and

                                    maintain all activities of good will in the communities and produce desirable

                                    publicity that will tend to gain favor in the eyes of the public.




          Sec. 1:             Meetings: Meetings shall be designated by the Executive Board.


            Sec. 2:             A majority of the members present will constitute a quorum, necessary to

                                    transact business during a general membership meeting.


            Sec. 3:             Order of Business:

                                                            A.        Call to order

                                                            B.        Roll call

                                                            C.        Reading minutes of  last meeting

                                                            D.        Treasurer's report

                                                            E.         Committees' reports

                                                            F.         Report on Executive Board meeting

                                                            G.        Old business

                                                            H.        New business

                                                            I.          Adjournment


ARTICLE IX - Amendments


Sec. 1:             Proposed amendments: Proposed amendments to these by-laws shall be submitted in writing to the   Secretary by any member in good standing at any regular meeting.  Such

                                    proposals shall be read by the Secretary and then referred to the Executive

                                    Board of the Carolina Trail Blazers for study and recommendation.  The

                                    Executive Board shall make a report of their recommendations or findings

                                    at the next regular meeting.


Sec. 2:             Vote of amendment: The vote of any amendment to the by-laws shall be by secret ballot and every member of the Carolina Trail Blazers must be given the opportunity to vote.  A 2/3 majority of ballots cast shall be necessary for an amendment to pass.

















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