Carolina Trail Blazers
                    4WD Club, INC  
            Celebrating Family 4wd Fun Since 1971
                                                                     Equipment & Safety 

Member vehicles range from completely stock to heavily modified. Winches, lift to clear 33"-37" tires and proper gearing to match have become the norm. However, do not let that deter you if your vehicle is more of a stock rig, we all start at different levels in the sport! While we don't inspect vehicles before rides we do have some recommendations.

The vehicle MUST be highway legal and registered when driving on regulated roads, streets and highways. This is absolutely REQUIRED on FEDERAL managed lands.

Do your maintenance BEFORE you come to the ride! However, we realize that things happen and that breakage occurs. If something does happen to your rig, rest assured, CTB has never left a member or guest stranded! If your vehicle is questionable or is having issues the morning of the ride, someone in the group will usually have an open seat for you to ride along with them.

Carry hand tools, a flashlight, a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher .

 Battery tie downs are required.

Carry a spare tire or a means of re-inflating your tires should you experience a flat.

We suggest a working CB radio to aid in communication. CTB uses channel 5 for club communications.

Front and rear tow hooks or some type of acceptable towing devices are recommended.

Winches should be in good repair and equipped with RATED accessories, such as tree saver straps, shackles or D-rings, snatch block and quality lether gloves.

              While on the trail and driving to and from the trail head, always keep the vehicle behind you in sight! Especially at any intersection of trails or roads! Safety dictates that we keep our group together.

DO NOT LITTER! Keep in mind that we are one of the most scrutinized outdoor groups. Our actions may very well determine where we may or may not be able to ride in the future. Some of the places we ride are private property. It is imperative that we respect the land owners by showing respect for their property and by leaving it as clean, or cleaner, than it was on our arrival. Cigarette butts, etc, are considered litter!